Water – Asset Sequences

3D World Magazine

“While the examples shown may appear very specific to Joe’s own work, there is a huge amount of information to learn here, and the fact the examples are being used in paid jobs proves their effectiveness.”

Justin Mijal | VFX Artist

Thanks for the cloth DVD training.  Couldn’t have done work on the feature film “Super 8” without that knowledge!

Shawn Rossi | CD Reaction Studios, Inc.

“Hair 3DS Max Out of the Box, takes a daunting subject and presents it in a clear, concise and easy to follow format. Anyone who needs to use Hair in their next project and needs to get up to speed quickly, should purchase this video tutorial set.”

Vance Miller | Freelance Senior TD/CG Supervisor

“Joe Gunn’s “Cloth Beyond the Character” training DVD shows just how versatile cloth in Max can be.  This DVD is a must have for anyone interested in building their skill set and thinking outside the box when it comes to cloth.”

Dan Gregoras | AD/VFX Supervisor

“Joe Gunn’s “Hair 3ds Max..Out of the box” DVD is a must for Max users.  He thoroughly breaks down the nuances of Max Hair and Fur allowing for the end user to easily integrate it into a production environment.  He also touches on other handy tools that are useful in everyday workflow.  Get up to speed quickly, should purchase this video tutorial set.”

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